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Many car owners use their garage to repair their vehicles, making it a special place. Many people's garage is sometimes used to store tools, cleaning products and other things for the car. Many people even occupy this space to repair their vehicles and this makes it a special place for most of them.
Normally, garages store all kinds of things, but there are tools that are essential, tools that all garages must have, such as the following.

1.- Set of keys

A set of keys with all the measures for each repair of your car.

2.- Set of screwdrivers

Just like wrenches, car repairs need different types and sizes of screwdrivers.

3.- Protective gloves

Gloves to protect your hands from any danger when working on the car. Car services and repairs will expose you to motor oil, high temperatures, fuel, and electrical currents. It is best to use latex gloves for some jobs and nylon gloves for others. Latex gloves are disposable and are best for small tasks, and nylon for jobs that require heavier manual labor.

4.- Protective glasses

It is important to protect your eyes while working on the car.

5.- Car cleaning kit.

A kit that includes everything you need to keep your car clean and protected from all weather conditions. Do not forget the sponges for bodywork and rims, special cloths, buckets, shampoo for washing, wax, burlap, soap for upholstery and, if possible, a vacuum cleaner for the interior.

6.- Jack stands

In automotive mechanics, "the jack" is one of the most basic tools used to raise a vehicle. And without it, you may not be able to do tasks as simple as changing a tire on the road.

7.- Fire extinguisher

The car or motorcycle has many flammable liquids that can cause disasters. It is advisable to have a fire extinguisher to be prevented.

8.- Car battery charger

A car battery charger is one of the tools you should have at home for any emergency. Why is it good to have one of these devices? Because you never know when your battery will run out, especially if you forget to lock a door or turn off your headlights. These situations can complicate your day or delay your trip.