"Prevention is better safe than sorry" goes the saying, but in the case of vehicles, it takes on a special importance. There are two types of car maintenance: preventive and corrective, which we would never want to hear about, but when the time comes to face it, we often wonder how it can be avoided.

The best thing to do is to know what preventive car maintenance consists of and to have it done on your vehicle. Here we tell you about the advantages you will get.

Benefits of car maintenance

Preventive car maintenance offers attractive results, including the prevention of breakages, the reduction of accident risks, more efficient fuel consumption and, above all, the extension of your vehicle's service life.

1. Increased safety

This is perhaps the most important point, as it involves taking care of the integrity of the occupants. Vehicle defects of any kind increase the risk of accidents. With an adequate preventive maintenance programme, the likelihood of a mishap caused by mechanical issues is considerably reduced.

2. Cost reduction

This is another benefit that can certainly change your mind about car maintenance. Preventive maintenance gives you the possibility of anticipating damage caused by wear and tear, as well as breakdowns, which directly affects the cost. Replacing a part due to wear and tear is not the same as replacing it when it no longer works and affects other elements of the vehicle.

3. Reduction of fuel consumption

When you experience higher fuel consumption, you also increase the cost. Worn spark plugs, incorrect tyre pressure, suspension problems, or even bad oil. These elements, which are linked to higher fuel consumption, can be detected in a workshop in a preventive way.

4. Prolonging the useful life of the car

If you comply with all the minor and major maintenance of your vehicle, you will ensure that any damage is corrected in time, avoiding failures that reduce the useful life of both the engine and the other components.

The recommendation is that you read the owner's manual of your car or visit our authorised workshop to find out exactly when preventive maintenance should be carried out and what services are required.