A great solidarity action has taken place in Lilongwe thanks to a WhatsApp group called "Health and Beauty Tips". Last Saturday the WhatsApp group members washed cars in order to collect money to help medical patients in need. In one day, the group members managed to collect more than K90,000.

One of the WhatsApp group member, Ramsey Patrick Mwapanya, explains how it has all begun. Everything started with the will of the group members to help patients from a diversity of hospitals in Malawi by providing new medical equipments. They decided to collect money through car wash activity as it is accessible to everyone. Last Saturday, if you saw common people washing cars at Gateway Mall or if you even pay for your car to be washed by these people you did a good deed for medical patients in Lilongwe.
With the money they have collected yet, they managed to donate electronical equipment to a Children Hospitals in Lilongwe. But they won't stop here.

Indeed, the Health and Beauty Tips WhatsApp group aims to help people dealing with health issues. Using prevention and raising awareness towards common diseases they educate the people on how to find remedies with simple tricks and tips.

The group is made up of almost 300 people until now but as their actions are growing more and more famous, the group is also getting bigger and bigger. It is a great example of solidarity that actually pays off as the money collected is consequent and has already been used to help patients in Lilongwe.
Other cities could be concerned by these solidarity actions as this kind of groups is getting more and more popular everyday.