To drive to Malawi, you have to be immersed in all the rules that govern road traffic in the country. Although it is nice to walk in a new city, or new country, you will have to comply with the requirements of the law of driving in Malawi.

The information you need to remember

Foreign nationals entering the country are required to use their international driving license for a period of three months. Afterwards, they must acquire a local driving license from a licensed and authorized driving school. Those who do not have a driving license will be obliged as soon as they enter the country to enroll in a driving school.

You should also know that your vehicle must have a left-hand drive, as traffic is in Malawi on the left side. The direction of motor traffic is one of the fundamental points of the Highway Code. This choice of left-hand traffic naturally influences priority orders, overtaking, positioning of road signs and the use of roundabouts, but also the position of the driver's position in vehicles.

Some behaviors to be avoided

To comply with the law, you must avoid certain behaviors such as:

  • Park on the right side of the road facing motorists of the opposite direction
  • Violate traffic signs
  • Stopping in tunnels or on bridges
  • Park anywhere as in crossroads, etc.


There are also other laws that can be found in most countries of the world, such as the prohibition of talking on the phone while driving, compliance with traffic lights, prohibition of driving being drunk, etc. People who park their cars inappropriately will see them removed and taken away by the municipal police.

Driving Safety

With regard to driving safety, it is advisable not to drive overnight in unknown areas. Avoid transporting the people you meet on your way especially at late hours. Try to be accompanied by Aboriginal people who can better guide you along the way.


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