The famous brand Jaguar moves toward the all-electric vehicles !


Planned to be available from 2018, the new Jaguar I-PACE has already caused a sensation in the automobile world. With an autonomy of more than 500km with only one charge, a car acceleration that can reach 100km/h in no more than 4 seconds and a battery that can be charged in 90 minutes, the new Jaguar I-Pace promise to rise to numerous challenges.

Designed with 5 full seats and a rear load space of 530 litres, the Jaguar I-Pace will not only be really fast but also really practical. Jaguar shows once again that it is possible to ally speed, utility and design when it comes to cars.
The objective of the brand is clear, in the years to come, Jaguar is planning on being the pioneer in the production of electric vehicles. And it seems that the turning point in Jaguar strategy has already begun. Indeed, the brand has started to work on many issues raised by the all-electric engine: is it safe ? Are the performance equivalent ? Can the electric network manage the increasing number of electric cars ? 

As a new market is emerging in the automobile industry, it is really interesting to see how the famous vehicles brands we all know are positioning themselves. After Tesla, Jaguar decided to bet everything on the electric cars. So, now the question is "Who's next ?"