People sell their cars due to different reasons and in most case, people realize that they did not have to sell the car as the money they get from the sales is not enough to buy another car.

It is important for you to make realistic projections if you want to sell your car. First consider how much a new car will cost you then, think about how you will get the money to top up so that you can get another car.

A good friend of mine decided to sell her car with plans to buy a new one. She decided to sell her car, a Toyota Nadia at sh8m. What she didn’t know is that the cash would not be enough to buy another car. So, she ended up getting another car and paying the balance in installments.

Buying another car or another brand of car is easy if you already have a car. This is because you only need to save some money to top up what you will get after selling your current car. It is not wise to sell your current car if you do not have money to top up and buy another car.

You do not have to sell the car for you can refurbish the car to make it look better and be more valuable. For the last 10 years, i have owned a Toyota Mark II. Interestingly, if I wanted to sell it today, I would get sh3m.

Since I needed around sh7m to top up to the resale cash in order to buy another car, I decided to refurbish the car instead. Since the car is in perfect mechanical condition, refurbishing it was a better idea other than selling it and having to raise so much money to buy another one.

It is unnecessary for you to go through any kind of stress either because you need to buy a new car or someone is pushing you to sell your car to them.

The best advice for someone who wants to change their car is to buy a new car first before selling their old car. This is only applicable if you have enough money to buy a car. Buying a car first eliminates the urgency of selling the old car. It gives you time to research on the value of the car and current market value. You therefore sell your car at the right price and under zero pressure.

Second hand car buyers like getting the best car at the lowest price. As you negotiate the price or your car, keep that in mind.