Have a look at our hospitals list and stay safe


Driving in Lilongwe and Malawi may be be risky and some car accidents may happen. Better to know where to go to find the best hospitals locally.

That’s why our team made a list of the places of the country that provide medical cares. Read it carefully. You will find interesting information, the addresses of the different hospitals and how to contact them.

Those hospitals are the finest of the country and will help you the best they can.



Malawi’s Hospitals :


Beit Cure International Hospital

The Beit CURE International Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi, is a 72-bed teaching hospital that specialises in treating the orthopaedic needs of both adults and children.

Address: PO Box 31236, Blantyre 3, Malawi

Tel: +265 1 871 900, +265 1 875 015, +265 1 873 694, +265 999 505 212

Fax: +265 1 874 397

Email: malawi@cureinternational.org

Website: www.curehospital.mw/


Malamulo Hospital

Malamulo Hospital has been providing healthcare to one of the poorest districts in Malawi, Africa since 1902. It's located 65 kilometers southeast of the city of Blantyre in Thyolo District in the southern part of Malawi. Malamulo is a major referral hospital for Malawi and Mozambique.

Address: Makwasa, Malawi

Tel: +265 1 470 222, +265 1 470 255

Fax: +265 1 470 231

Email: enquiries@malamulohospital.org

Website: www.malamulohospital.org/


St. Gabriel’s Hospital Namitete

The St Gabriel's Hospital was founded in 1959 by Carmelite Sisters from Luxembourg under the Dioceses of Lilongwe. Today, it is a fully operating, modern hospital responsible for the medical care of some 250,000 people, mostly from the rural areas surrounding Namitete.

Address: Namitete, Lilongwe, Malawi

Tel: +265 1 27 42 13

Fax: +265 1 27 42 63

Email: stgabriels.hospital@gmail.com

Website: stgabrielshospital.org/


Blantyre Adventist Hospital

The hospital was founded by an American couple, Dr. Elton and Dr. Rheeta Stecker in 1974, as an offspring of Malamulo Hospital to help raise revenue for Malamulo Hospital operations. Blantyre Adventist Hospital is a Type 4 institution under SDA General Conference Policy.

Address: P.O. Box 51, Blantyre, Malawi

Tel: +265 1 832913

Website: www.bah.mw/


We hope that you will not have to use this list, but have a look at it just in case.


Have a safe car ride in Malawi !